Security Company in Woking | From CCTV Monitoring to Event Security: The Benefits of Our Services

Are you looking to pool multiple requirements with a proven, reputable security company? At New Dawn Security & Training Ltd, we provide a wide range of services backed by decades of experience and industry-leading credentials. Whether you’re in Woking or the neighbouring areas, you can rely on us for event security, CCTV monitoring, alarm response and the provision of security guards and door supervisors. We also provide security guard training too.

As a one-stop solution for your security-related needs, our company delivers an array of benefits. This is equally true across all sectors, whether you’re a private homeowner, local business, event organiser or in the entertainment industry.

How You Can Benefit from Our Services

Event Security

Are you planning a concert, festival, convention, corporate function or any other event of a similar nature in the Woking area? As the planner, you have certain responsibilities to meet. While some of these revolve around guests having a good time and feeling comfortable, they also pertain to safety.

Our security company creates a bespoke solution for your event, ticking boxes in relation to adequate fire exits, capacity control and traffic management. We can also provide door supervisors and security guards complete with the latest in security guard training.

Benefits of our professional approach include:

  • Stop Gatecrashers

  • Assist with Crowd Control

  • Meet Venue Requirements

  • Help Guests to Relax

Much like our CCTV monitoring service, a bespoke security package is both a deterrent and solution.

Alarm Response

Picture the scene. It’s 2:42am on a Sunday morning. The alarm at your business premises has activated and you receive a call from your alarm company. You have no choice but to stumble out to your car, bleary eyed, and attend the scene.

On the way you consider the various possible scenarios.

It’s a false alarm and you’re awake at a ridiculous time on a Sunday morning for no reason. This might not be the first time, or the last.

The call is genuine. Given the time and day, you could arrive before the police do. What if they don’t arrive at all?

Worse still, what if the call is genuine, and armed intruders are still on your Woking site?

Our security company provides an alarm response service that can eliminate all these concerns. NDST Ltd assumes responsibility for responding to activated alarms. Your alarm company calls us, not you. And we will only contact you in line with your stated wishes.

Having undergone security guard training to industry standards, our personnel have the skills to handle incidents of any kind, including those associated with event security. We put ourselves in harm’s way, so you don’t have to.

CCTV Monitoring

Often used in conjunction with our alarm response service, remote CCTV monitoring offers an additional layer of security for your business, not to mention personal convenience. Further benefits include:

  • You can control – and monitor – who enters your Woking premises

  • A bespoke solution tailored around your needs and property type

  • Insurance companies can use your CCTV footage if you make a claim

  • You can create a strategy for swift action during suspicious or criminal activity

Door Supervisors and Security Guards

Be it a private party, event, leisure centre, hotel, club, bar or pub, our security company can provide licensed, experienced door supervisors for your property or event. Our security guards have also become trusted features of conventions, concerts, festivals and functions in Woking and across the South East.

We tailor our approach to suit your event and site. Our personnel arrive at your premises smartly dressed and always act with the utmost professionalism.

With significant training and experience in all kinds of event security, NDST Ltd ensures people remember your occasion for all the right reasons.

Security Guard Training

While our security company strives to deliver unmatched standards for CCTV monitoring, alarm response and event security, we also help would-be door supervisors and security guards to fulfil their ambitions.

NDST Ltd is a SIA-approved contractor, so we meet industry standards for security guarding and door supervision services. We lay the foundations for you to play a key role in our team for many years to come.

Call 01306 779 436 to talk with our security company about CCTV monitoring, event security or any other services in Woking.