Security Company in the South East & Nationwide

Are you responsible for organising security for a venue or event? From a small private function in Epsom to a festival in Guildford, your specific solution will involve bringing together multiple services. As a time-served security company, NDST Ltd covers your every need. Our personal, venue and event security services come on a bespoke basis, ensuring optimal safety, protection and satisfaction.

Based in Surrey, we are the trusted choice for security services locally and nationwide. With our resources and manpower, our security company fulfils contracts across the UK.

Our Security Services

Please note, we have a dedicated page on this website for event security stewarding and management. We also have a page for our various security guard training courses.

As such, we have not included these services here.

Door Supervisors

NDST’s door supervisors are fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards and work at licensed venues and events nationwide. They arrive at the venue or event in uniform, providing a professional look and reassurance.

Whilst on-site, our door supervisors are the first impression given of your venue or event. With this in mind, customer service and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

Staff report to site in time to carry out safety checks as detailed below:

  • Fire exits are clear, and all equipment and appliances have been checked to ensure working order and maintain safety

  • Customer and staff are all accounted for with the use of tally counters as per the license requirements

  • Any security personnel reporting for duty will enter their full name, badge number and expiry date, next of kin details and time in/out on the company time sheet provided

  • All relevant Health and Safety information is documented on appropriate paperwork as required

Some roles and responsibilities of our door supervisors include:

  • Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue

  • Control entry to the venue and all exits

  • Maintain the venue's search policy

  • Ensure patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment

  • Maintain the venue's code of practice by dealing appropriately with those who are causing offence or potential danger

  • Ensure licensing laws are upheld to prevent any criminal offences occurring in the venue

Pit Teams

We can offer fully trained pit teams for your event. Trained to a BTEC level, through our partnership agreements

All staff deployed by NDST Ltd are fully insured and report to site in NDST’s high-visibility uniforms.

Manned Guarding

Our security officers are Fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards. They have experience guarding a wide range of sites and events, including:

  • Offices

  • Construction Sites

  • Performing Arts Colleges/Theatres

  • Caravan Parks

  • Car Parks

  • Demolition Sites

  • Vacant Lots

  • Exhibitions

To ensure we provide the required level of service, our security officers go through site-specific inductions. Their tasks can include:

  • Regular patrols of the area and surrounding perimeters

  • Check calls to the control centre

  • Lockdowns

  • Searches

  • Safety procedures

Fire Marshals

NDST can provide fire marshals to monitor and maintain fire safety. They identify hazards, ensure escape routes are available and take effective action if a fire occurs.

In the event of a fire, the fire marshal helps ensure the safety of everyone at the premises. They are fully trained to respond professionally to fire risks and situations by:

  • Ensuring the alarm has been raised

  • Evacuate everyone from the building or area

  • Following agreed security measures and fire safety plans

  • Assist those with disabilities

  • Ensuring no one re-enters the building, venue or event.

  • Giving details to the reporting centre

  • Fighting the fire if it is safe to do so

Fire and Bomb Drills

Fire drills should be held at least once, preferably twice, each year. Following the fire drills, the fire safety manager should hold a short debriefing session with the fire wardens in order to learn of any problems or difficulties that were encountered. The problems and any remedial action taken to reduce their occurrence in the future should be recorded. Fire drills are important exercises and provide an opportunity for plans and procedures to be developed and modified if necessary.

In some premises where there is a risk of terrorist action directed towards the premises or to others in the vicinity, it is also valuable to carry out a bomb drill occasionally, with the purpose of reminding staff of the actions that they should take. Again, a record of the exercise should be kept and procedures modified if necessary.

Particular consideration should be given to the actions taken in respect of a device thought to be in the street outside as well as those to be taken if a bomb were to be placed inside the building.

Close Protection Officers (CPs)

We provide officers for short- to long-term contracts, covering all events and circumstances, from private security for a CEO, celebrity or individual to royalty-level security for a multi-national team. Individuals and organisations requiring the services of a solo close protection officer, or an integrated close protection team, are assured of the highest quality protective service available.

  • Personal protection officers

  • Close protection teams

  • Security drivers

  • Security for permanent residences

  • Security for holiday residences

  • Coverage of high-profile events and product launches

NDST can also supply fully integrated VIP protection teams. As an example, these can comprise of a driver, protection officer, escort officer and security team leader.

The Role of the Close Protection Officer

  • Protection of the client

  • Constant assessment of threats

  • Maintain the security of any premises

  • Maintain the client’s privacy and well-being

  • Protect anyone associated with the client

Person Specification

The key personal attributes of dog handlers include:

  • Experience with dogs

  • Patience and self-confidence

  • The ability to work with minimum supervision

  • To be responsible, alert and observant

  • The ability to judge a situation accurately and react instantly

How to Become a Dog Handler

To become a dog handler in most public services, you would first need to be working in the organisation. You would then need to meet the organisation’s requirements, such as experience. For example, police handlers usually need at least three years’ experience in ordinary police work before transferring to the dog section.

Entry requirements for private security companies will vary depending on the company. You would be expected to have experience of working with dogs. The National Society of Security Dog Users (NASDU) recommends that you should first get experience as a security officer before considering becoming a dog handler.

Since March 2006, it has been a legal requirement for dog handlers to have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. To get a licence, you must:

  • Attend an approved training course

  • Have a nationally recognised qualification

  • Have an identity check and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance

  • See the security officer profile and the SIA website (in Further Information) for details

  • For most jobs you would need a driving licence

Training and Development

When you become a dog handler, your training will vary according to the organisation. For example:

  • Attend a 13-week General Purpose Police Dog course at the Dog Training School

  • Be tutored for one month by an experienced handler before going on patrol

  • Complete a one-year probationary period

  • Attend a two-week basic course with a trained dog at the Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray

  • Attend other courses covering tasks such as finding casualties and detecting mines

In all organisations, you would have ongoing training to make sure that you maintain the required standards.

In the security industry, you can complete the ASET Level 2 National Award for General Purpose Security Dog Handlers. Training is offered by a number of private training organisations. You could also work towards NVQ Level 2 in Providing Security Services.

As a dog handler in any service, you can work towards NVQ levels 1 to 3 in Animal Care.

First Aid at NDST

We deploy trained first aid officers with current Senior First Aid Certificates to provide all levels of first aid at events nationwide.

Roles and Responsibilities

A first aid officer is on hand to assist with any medical situation, from small injuries to medical emergencies, helping ensure the safety of visitors and staff. In the event of an incident, your first aid officer will clearly assess what has happened while identifying further risks or hazards. They will calmly reassure any casualties, assess them and call for appropriate assistance if necessary.

Residential Security Teams

NDST Ltd supplies residential security teams to discourage prospective criminals, protecting homes and residents from trespassing, burglary, vandalism and personal attacks.

We have residential solutions available to for all needs, from guarding a single residence to providing a full team of officers and dog handlers for a residents’ association. Our guards can be a highly visible deterrent or a subtle part of your household. We can also provide CCTV coverage systems or alarm response solutions.

We are currently working with many high-profile clients across London and the Home Counties, securing their homes and giving them peace of mind whether they are at home or away.

In addition, NDST can secure empty premises, such as those awaiting sale or rental.

Retail Security

Fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards, our retail guards are employed as a means of presence and prevention inside and around supermarkets, fashion outlets, electronic stores and other retail premises. Retail guards employed by NDST Ltd act as a visual deterrent, manage conflicts and help monitor stock.

Retail guards can be positioned at the entrance or in potentially high-value areas. The specific requirements of each outlet are discussed and agreed beforehand.

CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Response

For an added layer of security and peace of mind, NDST Ltd provides 24/7 remote monitoring of your CCTV system. In the event of an activated alarm, we immediately dispatch a team of vetted, fully trained security professionals to your premises.

If we hold a set of keys for your property, we access your site upon arrival and conduct a full internal and external investigation. Upon confirmation of the reason for the alarm, our onsite personnel liaise with the control room to reset it. If we encounter or suspect any criminal activity, we notify the police.

If we do not have access to your keys, we arrange to meet your nominated keyholder before conducting the same procedure.

You can rest assured, we man our control room around the clock. All our controllers hold a SIA CCTV license, so we operate to current industry standards. Our control room is also GDPR and ISO accredited.

Call us on 01306 779 436 to talk over any of the services we provide as a security company in the South East and nationwide.