Security Company in Epsom | What is the Difference Between Security Guards and Door Supervisors?

Are you arranging security for an event or venue? You probably already have some familiarity with the terms ‘door supervisors’ and ‘security guards’. However, the differences between the two may not be clear. As a time-served security company with a long history in the Epsom area, we’re always on hand to help. From security guard training to event security management and stewarding, we prioritise your satisfaction in everything we do.

On this page, we focus on the differences between door staff and security guards. Essentially, the roles are two sides of the same coin. They share a related purpose, but involve different amounts of responsibility and authority.

For example, while a licensed door supervisor can assume the role of a security guard, a guard – even with the appropriate license – can’t take the place of door personnel.

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CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Response

For the ultimate in property protection, you can rely on NDST Ltd for 24-hour CCTV system monitoring and a rapid response to triggered alarms. We have a team of licensed controllers operating our accredited control room around the clock. You can rest assured, all our controllers hold an SIA CCTV license, and our control room has GDPR and ISO accreditation.

In the event of alarm activation, we dispatch a professional team to your premises. If we hold the keys, our personnel will enter your property and carry out a thorough search, both internally and externally, to investigate the cause.

If we find signs of any criminal activity, we notify the police.If we don’t hold your keys, we will meet your nominated keyholder before assessing why the alarm was triggered.

A Closer Look at Security Guards

Generally speaking, a security guard can work in numerous non-licensed premises. These include retail properties and the corporate sector. However, guards are not licensed to work in venues that permit alcohol consumption.

As a security company, the roles our guards assume vary depending on the client and their industry. Regardless, the basic aim is to ensure your Epsom premises functions smoothly. Security guards achieve this by keeping customers, staff and the general public safe. They must also protect the property itself.

Much like door supervisors and event security staff, guards use observational skills. This involves monitoring the surroundings and discouraging theft or disorderly behaviour. Manned guards also report potential threats and suspicious situations to the police, as necessary.

In a broad sense, security guard training is less intensive than that undertaken by door personnel.

A Closer Look at Door Supervisors

A door supervisor works on a premises which holds authorisation from a local governing body. In Epsom, this includes premises that serve, and allow for the consumption of, alcohol, i.e. bars, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues.

The door personnel supplied by our security company are fully aware of their expected duties. In a similar vein to premises and event security guards, they assume the responsibility for all-round security, including the safety and wellbeing of customers and guests.

As such, they judge the suitability of those wanting to enter. This means they have the final say on who gets in and who doesn’t.

Common judgement criteria includes behaviour and age. For example, anyone under the legal required age cannot enter, nor can a highly intoxicated person or someone carrying illegal substances.

Door supervisors also hold responsibility for maintaining order inside your Epsom premises. To achieve this, they effectively manage crowds, handle emergencies and deal with conflicts. This often involves cooperation with the premises management and the police.

Compared to security guard training, door staff complete a longer, more intensive course. This reflects the greater responsibilities they take on when compared with security guards.

A Note on Both Positions

It is a legal requirement for all individuals working in the security industry to hold a valid SIA license. As a SIA-approved contractor, you can rest assured that our security company always provides fully licensed personnel for your site in Epsom, be it for venue or event security requirements.

The Complete Security Package

Remember, NDST Ltd now covers all your CCTV monitoring and alarm response needs. With the combination of 24-hour monitoring and a fast response to alarm activation, we can help to lessen the impact of an array of incidents at your premises.

With our accredited, vetted and experienced team, you have complete peace of mind. You also eliminate the need for allocating and managing internal key holders. What’s more, you ensure that only fully trained security professionals arrive at scenes of potential danger.

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