Security Guards in Basingstoke | The Skills Needed to Excel in Business and Event Security

New Dawn Security & Training Ltd is an established security company from Dorking with services available across the region. Basingstoke is just one of many areas where we deploy our security guards and door supervisors. Use us for business or event security with confidence knowing that NDST Ltd has provided the best security guard training for our personnel.

As well as having all the basic skills we look for in security guards and door supervisors, NDST Ltd has a control room where we offer active CCTV monitoring and alarm responses.

Anybody in the Basingstoke area who has used us already will know how important personal, business and event security can be. In a world that isn’t always changing for the better, we need to take more steps than ever before to ensure our own safety and the welfare of those around us. A good security company will only deploy personnel who have the attributes to respond quickly, but without losing their presence of mind.

Security guard training can help to enhance these attributes, but there are still skills we look for when hiring.


During shifts, we expect security guards and door supervisors to be active and energetic. The personnel we deploy should know everything about entry and exit points, any registers in use, and information on anything that’s currently happening onsite. It is dutiful to stay alert when guards work shift.

We expect the same of our control room team, who need to be 100% reactive with CCTV monitoring and alarm responses.


Our clients in Basingstoke trust us to provide business and event security services implicitly so, in turn, we need to trust our personnel. Through an extensive interview process and only hiring security guards and door supervisors with the appropriate paperwork, we trust our employees completely.

Reinforcing this trust with regular security guard training means we never expect major issues in a tense situation.


Anybody working for a security company must be professional in their approach and have a thorough understanding of their duties. Even the smaller details, like presentation, can make or break the impact of security guards and door supervisors. Professionalism can bring all other team attributes together.

In the control room, where CCTV monitoring and alarm responses are critical to those on patrol, professionalism is also key.

Presence of Mind

Through security guard training, our personnel turn up to a shift prepared for anything. If you see security guards or door supervisors at an event or a venue, you will most likely use them as a go-to-point if anything goes wrong. Security personnel must always have contact access and an action plan.

Business and event security is a role where guards working in the Basingstoke area, or anywhere else across the region, must be in tune with their surroundings and everybody inside them.


Our security company insists on a tidy appearance and, just as importantly, a good posture. A guard or supervisor who stands upright and stays alert will inspire confidence and, at the same time, can deter anybody thinking of causing trouble. A relaxed or slouching guard might present less of a challenge.

Even in our control room, where we are actively involved in CCTV monitoring and organising alarm responses, we expect staff to be well presented and 100% focused on the job.

If you need to discuss personal, business or event security in Basingstoke, we would like to hear from you. NDST Ltd has security guards and door supervisors available for a range of purposes and all have the attributes listed above. We want to inspire confidence in our team and in our security company, so we only ever hire the best in local and regional talent.

Your safety is more important to us than you would ever know.

Call 01306 779 436 to discuss services in Basingstoke with our security company.